Why isn’t the notebook page loading?


For general login information, see Logging in to The Goblin’s Notebook.

If you are having problems loading the notebook, it could be something on your local browser that is stopping it from loading.

The login button is displayed after cookies have been accepted (you only need to do this the first time you load the page on a new browser). If you haven’t seen or accepted the cookie warning then you may have something blocking this functionality like a browser extension or setting.

Browser extensions

Page loading problems could be to do with one or more installed browser extensions, some being known to block functionality which is required by the notebook (primarily the login process). You need to ensure accounts.google.com isn’t being blocked. If you have an extension that blocks this by default, you may been to add an exception.

See more information on browser extensions.

Cookies and cached data

If you browser isn’t blocking anything, it could be some cookies or cached data (old versions of things) that are not being updated correctly. These could be stored in the cache of your browser, home/office network, ISP, etc.

The first thing to try is to load the page with a ‘hard refresh’ by pressing ctrl+f5. This should force it to load with the latest version of the site files, updating and old references incorrectly cached.

If that doesn’t help, then you can try clearing out the cookies for www.the-goblin.net which clears out all the locally stored data for the site. Check your browser documentation for how to do this. Don’t worry about your data, the only thing you will lose when clearing out cookies is the theme (if changed), expand/collapse state for nested objects, and the scratch pad content. All other data is stored on the servers.

Shared campaign?

If you are viewing a shared campaign, check with the campaign owner that they have shared some objects, and if applicable that they have shared objects with your role and that you have set your access key.

Still not working?

If you are still unable to get thing working, please contact The Goblin.

For those who are familiar with browser developer tools, there may be javascript errors in the console which can help to diagnose problems… But if that means nothing to you, don’t worry about it!