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Recent Updates

  • Update 30th November 2022 – Digital dice rolling
    Notes, statblock and consumable markdown can now include a field to enable rolling digital dice! Use the rollable() markdown syntax to create a link that will roll the dice specified using standard dice notation (1d6, 1d20+2, 2d6+4d4+6, etc) when clicked. dice Required The dice notation for the roll. See below for more details. dicelabel Optional ..
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  • Update 14th November 2022 – Custom CSS styling for notes
    Apply your own custom CSS styling to all your campaign objects with custom CSS! This is an advanced feature which requires knowledge of CSS and how to work out which elements to apply the styling to, but for those that can (and those who know someone that can), you can change the notes style to ..
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  • Update 23rd October 2022 – Convert objects to other types
    Drag objects between columns to convert them to a different type! Child objects will be converted along with the on..
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  • Update 26th September 2022 – New transclusion options
    New transclusion options are available – Object status and note summary. Object status Allows for displaying the status of another object (or multiple other objects) in notes. Useful to create an ‘index’ object to see an overview of objects e.g. a quest with a number of tasks, or an organisation with members. Syntax {{objectid.status}} (or {{objectid.conts?block}}}). Include ..
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  • Update 18th September 2022 – New look to login
    The login process has had a makeover! There has been some behind-the-scenes changes that ultimately caused some cosmetic changes to the login process. It still uses your same Google account and none of the data is affected in any way. Why change it? Because the old way is being removed by Google and will no ..
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