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Recent Updates

  • Update 19th February 2023 – Chapter Sharing Control
    You can now choose to share or hide chapters in shared campaigns manually, rather than automatically sharing all chapters that have objects assigned. Enable this functionality via a new setting in the sharing section of the campaign preferences. When active, simply share or hide the chapter by the sharing icon in the chapter details panel. ..
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  • Update 30th January 2023 – Journal entry visibility and sharing improvements
    Shared objects with unshared parents When a shared object has an unshared parent, it will now be moved up the hierarchy to the next shared parent rather than to the top level. This gives other people a more accurate view of your shared objects. Example You have a shared campaign and grouped two NPCs in ..
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  • Update 20th January 2023 – Dice Roller
    Rolling digital dice on a click from notes and statblocks is great, but having to write the dice notation in a rᴏllable() block beforehand doesn’t help too much with ad-hoc rolls. That isn’t a problem any more with the new Dice Roller, allowing you to roll the dice you need at a moment’s notice! Type your dice notation ..
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  • Update 31st December 2022 – Co-owner sharing role
    The new co-owner sharing role allows you to share your campaign with other people and gives them (almost*) full control of it. Perfect for co-GMs or players wanting to share full campaign notes, allowing them the ability to add, edit and delete anything! The new role will appear in the access role list along with ..
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  • Update 30th November 2022 – Digital dice rolling
    Notes, statblock and consumable markdown can now include a field to enable rolling digital dice! Use the rollable() markdown syntax to create a link that will roll the dice specified using standard dice notation (1d6, 1d20+2, 2d6+4d4+6, etc) when clicked. dice Required The dice notation for the roll. See below for more details. dicelabel Optional ..
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