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Recent Updates

  • Update 22nd June 2022 – Custom Statblocks
    Statblocks are no longer restricted to basic DND 5e fields and layout with the introduction of custom statblocks! Custom statblocks use markdown to create the layout so you have the freedom to adjust the fields and layout to suit your game system and personal preference, all in the same way you write object notes. You ..
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  • Update 11th June 2022 – Pop previews into new windows
    Object previews can now be popped out into new windows so you can drag them away from the main notebook view to allow you you make better use of multiple or high-resolution displays. Note that the button to pop out a preview window uses the icon that previously selected the object. The button to select ..
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  • Update 7th June 2022 – Object redirection
    Click one object, have another one selected! If you have, for instance, a group of NPCs that are related to an organisation then you can put them all under one creature object and have that group object redirect to the organisation instead of having to follow links or find it manually! Select the object you ..
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  • Update 14th May 2022 – Transclusion
    You can now include the notes of an object within other objects! Transclusion is the inclusion of part or all of an electronic document into one or more other documents by hypertext reference. Transclusion is usually performed when the referencing document is displayed, and is normally automatic and transparent to the end user. To include one object in another ..
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  • Update 5th May 2022 – Expand/collapse options
    A new little hidden away feature has found its way into the notebook. You can now expand and collapse all objects in a column together. Right-click any object’s expand/collapse icon to bring up a context menu where you can choose options to affect multiple objects. Collapse/expand children will affect all objects below the one selected ..
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