How can I use my browser extensions with your site?


Are you using “disconnect“, “ghostery“, “privacy badger“, “I don’t care about cookies“, or some other blocker extension?

Those modules, by design, block requests going out of a web site or block functionality (such as cookies) within a site, so they may block access to Google Authentication from The Goblin’s Notebook. To sign-in via Google, you will need to whitelist the Notebook and allow cookies from to be used here. The method to do this differs with each extension, check the documentation for instructions on how to do this for your extension(s)

You will need to allow access to to be able to log in.

Examples where extensions are blocking page function

  • The notebook page is viable but ‘dulled’ and nothing is clickable
  • There is no login button in the login panel
  • The login button shows the Google sign-in page, but the notebook doesn’t log in afterwards

The above problems are usually resolved by whitelisting The Goblin’s Notebook in the extension blocking the requests.