Common markdown syntax


Some of the most common used formatting options are

FormattingMarkdown Syntax
Headings# Heading 1
## Heading 2
### Heading 3
Bold**bold text** or __bold text__
Italic*italic text* or _italic text_
Lists- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3
Checkbox Lists- [ ] Unchecked item
- [x] Checked item
Link[The Goblin's Notebook](
Image![alt text](image.jpg)
Horizontal Rule---

You can also combine syntax for example ***[The Goblin's Notebook](*** (note the three asterisks either side) will make a hyperlink that is bold and italic.

There is a lot more that you can do with markdown and there are plenty of resources with the information, notably where you can find out about many more formatting options such as tables and task lists.

The Goblin’s custom markdown

There is some non-standard markdown syntax that is valid only for The Goblin’s Notebook

Links to other objects

You can use $[](objectid) to render a link to another object. This will be displayed as a link with the name of the other object – See more

Hiding sections of your notes in shared campaigns

You can add !! before and after sections of your notes to have them hidden when anyone else views your share campaign – See more

Include notes from one object in another

You can include one object’s notes inside another by using {{objectid}}See more

Statblock Specific Custom Markdown

Create a clickable number

Create a number that is able to be clicked and changed when viewing the statblock by using number(name=fieldname,value=n[,label=label text,show_symbol])See more

Automatic DND 5e modifiers

If you are using DND 5e, or a compatible system, then you can display modifiers that are automatically calculated from other numbers (e.g. the strength, dex, etc. modifiers) by using mod5e(value=fieldname[,show_symbol])See more

Digital Dice Rolling

Create a link that rolls some digital dice and gives you the result. Use rollable([dice=]dicenotation,[dicelabel=label text,label=label text])See more

Using HTML

For those who know how to write HTML code, you can also use that directly alongside or instead of markdown. HTML allows you complete control over the layout, but at the expense of a huge amount of complexity. You can float images, embed (some) other sites in iframes, or style tables as you need. Although this is possible, it is an advanced feature and won’t be covered in detail in guides here!