Update Roundup 1st June 2023


A roundup of a number of small updates and improvements up to 1st June 2023


  • Navigational improvements (back/forward support, direct object linking, bookmark for viewers, objects stay selected after refresh)
  • You can now filter by multiple flags at the same time
  • Connection and reference parents are now highlighted so you can see when a child object is causing the parent to be shown when filtered
  • Added aliases to objects which are used by default in markdown and journal references (this is primarily used to shorten referenced names e.g. a creature’s full name on the object, but just their first name is required in notes and journal entries that reference them)
    • The alias, along with the shared name appear alongside the actual object name when selected


  • Touch screen styling was not being applied correctly on Pixel 7
  • Hidden notes within transcluded hidden notes now display correctly in an “unshared styled block”
  • Delete icon incorrectly showed on contributions when in read-only mode
  • Expand/collapse all not working for organisations
  • Wrongly showing the connected objects on automatic journal entry when creating connection with swapped objects