Update 26th September 2022 – New transclusion options


New transclusion options are available – Object status and note summary.

Object status

Allows for displaying the status of another object (or multiple other objects) in notes. Useful to create an ‘index’ object to see an overview of objects e.g. a quest with a number of tasks, or an organisation with members.


{{objectid.status}} (or {{objectid.conts?block}}}). Include the object name and a colour-coded block showing the status of the other object

{{objectid.status?summary}} Include the status as above but with the first 6 lines of the object notes included underneath

{{objectid.status?name}} Include the object name, styled according to status

{{objectid.status?status}} Include the name as above but also show the status as text afterwards

Note summary

Show just the first few lines of the object notes rather than the entre field.


{{objectid.summary}} Include up to the first 6 lines of the note field from the other object

See more

For more information and examples, see Include notes from one object in another.