Update 30th January 2023 – Journal entry visibility and sharing improvements


Shared objects with unshared parents

When a shared object has an unshared parent, it will now be moved up the hierarchy to the next shared parent rather than to the top level. This gives other people a more accurate view of your shared objects.


You have a shared campaign and grouped two NPCs in the “NPCs > BBEG and Associates” group to keep things organised for yourself, but you don’t want players to see this second level group group as it gives secrets away.

Previously when the group item was unshared, it would move those NPCs to the top level, but now it will promote them up to the next shared object, in this case the NPCs group, which keeps your structure more organised.

Promote journal entries from unshared objects to shared parents

A new setting allows for shared journal entries on unshared objects to be promoted to the next shared parent.

This allows you to add child objects to your campaign for organisation purposes, make journal entries on these objects, and have the journal entries be visible to people viewing the campaign without having the explicitly share the object they are made on. For instance, you could have a location with an encounter object below it, make your journal entries against the encounter but other people just see those entries against the location.


You have a location with some planned encounters. You add journal entries to the location until the point the encounter begins.

But for your own organisation, want to add journal entries to the encounter.

You want the journal entries to be seen by other people, but don’t want to share the encounter object as it is just your own notes and not relevant to others. This wasn’t possible before, you would have to share the encounter object to also share the journal.

But now, you can enable the Promote journal entries on unshared objects setting to have those shared journal entries promoted to the object parent that is shared (if one exists).

The journal entries will appear against the parent object to people viewing it. You can still share or hide journal entries individually. Hidden entries will not be shared at all and if there is no shared parent object to promote journal entries to, they will not be shared.

Journal entries are now visible in parent objects

Journal entries made against child objects can now be seen in the parent object’s journal. Click the toggle button in the journal header to switch between including child objects and only showing the current object.


You have a location object with child objects. The journal entries are made against the appropriate object, but now can be seen together by enabling the child object journal view.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

  • External links included in markdown will always open in a new tab to stop from accidentally navigating away from the notebook
  • Tooltips are now updated when renaming objects