Update Roundup – July 2023


A number of updates have been put in place since the last update roundup.

Re-order Connections

The order of connections can be changed

Dice Roll Log

Your recent dice rolls will be shown in the new log panel

Duplicate Objects

Duplicate existing objects. Currently clones the object without connections, journal entries, or child objects.

Scroll Objects into View

When the selected object is scrolled off screen, an indicator shows where it is which can also be clicked to scroll it back into view.

Field References in rollable()

The dice formula in rollable() can use values from other fields as part of the calculation.

**Strength:** number(name=strength,value=14) (mod5e(name=strengthmod,show_symbol,value=strength,dice=1d20+n,dicelabel=Strength Check))

**Reference Field:** rollable(1d20+field[strengthmod])

Fields can reference any number() or mod5e() field within the same object or another one. Use field[fieldname] or field[objectid.fieldname].

Note: Fields in transcluded statblocks need to use the full objectid.fieldname syntax.

Minor Fixes

Some minor fixes and styling improvements