Update 31st December 2022 – Co-owner sharing role


The new co-owner sharing role allows you to share your campaign with other people and gives them (almost*) full control of it. Perfect for co-GMs or players wanting to share full campaign notes, allowing them the ability to add, edit and delete anything!

The new role will appear in the access role list along with the “read” and “contributor” roles.

The campaign owner AND co-owners need an unlimited subscription to enable sharing and access a shared campaign with a co-owner access key.

Campaign locking

Only one person can edit a campaign at a time, so owners and co-owners must lock the campaign to themselves to enable them to make changes. Any owner or co-owner can still view the campaign in read-only mode while someone else has the campaign locked.

Almost full control?

Co-owners can do almost everything with a campaign, with the exception of

  • Renaming and deleting the campaign
  • Manage sharing and roles (though they can share objects to specific roles if needed)
  • Import and export