Update 30th November 2022 – Digital dice rolling


Notes, statblock and consumable markdown can now include a field to enable rolling digital dice!

Use the rollable() markdown syntax to create a link that will roll the dice specified using standard dice notation (1d6, 1d20+2, 2d6+4d4+6, etc) when clicked.

rollable([dice=]dicenotation,[dicelabel=label text,label=label text])
diceRequiredThe dice notation for the roll. See below for more details.
dicelabelOptionalThe text to display in the title bar of the roll notification. Will default to the dice notation if omitted.
labelOptionalThe text to show in the rendered markdown. Will default to the dice notation if omitted.

In addition, for statblocks, number() and mod5e() fields can have the dice= parameter added to add the rolling link to the number field.

For more details on the new rollable() field and dice notation, see the full article.