Update 14th November 2022 – Custom CSS styling for notes


Apply your own custom CSS styling to all your campaign objects with custom CSS!

This is an advanced feature which requires knowledge of CSS and how to work out which elements to apply the styling to, but for those that can (and those who know someone that can), you can change the notes style to something that you prefer.

  • Change background or text colours
  • Change fonts and sizes
  • Increase or decrease spacing around elements
  • Style tables
  • Many more

Enable and enter your custom CSS in the campaign settings and it will be applied to all objects in your campaign. If your campaign is shared then other people will also see your customisations.

Examples of styling the same object in different ways.

If you don’t know how to use this feature, check out the Goblin’s Discord server where you may find some examples posted or ask if anyone can help you get the result you are after!

Note that there is no guarantee that your custom CSS changes will be compatible with future notebook updates and are your responsibility to maintain.