Update 18th September 2022 – New look to login


The login process has had a makeover! There has been some behind-the-scenes changes that ultimately caused some cosmetic changes to the login process. It still uses your same Google account and none of the data is affected in any way.

Why change it?

Because the old way is being removed by Google and will no longer work as of March 2023, so this change had to happen soon.

Is it better now?

Yes (at least I think so)! This change has given the perfect opportunity to improve the login user experience, so instead of the login button in the top-right corner, there is now a login panel in the middle of the page that makes it completely obvious when you aren’t logged in.

This in itself should help to clear up some confusion, particularly around viewing shared campaigns where some users didn’t realise they needed to log in. Plus it is a more standard look and feel than the previous approach.

The login button here allows you to select a Google account to sign in with, not just the one displayed.

In addition to this login panel, you may also see a “one-tap” login box when you are signed in to a Google account, but not to the site yet. You will have probably seen this same option on many sites around the internet.

This button will instantly log you in with the account shown. The panel is positioned depending on the device/browser so you may see it in a different place, for instance at the bottom of the page when using a phone.

Returning users will still be automatically logged in. The “one-tap” panel will show which user it is going to log in with and gives an opportunity to cancel the login if needed before proceeding.

Once logged in, everything remains the same and you can log out at any time from the user menu.

More information and troubleshooting on the login process.