Update 18th January 2022 – New markdown object reference syntax


Today sees the introduction of new markdown syntax to link to other objects in the notebook.

The previous syntax of $[objectid] is now considered deprecated. The old syntax is still supported but it is recommended new references use the new syntax. References created by clicking will use the new syntax.

New Syntax

@[custom label](objectid)

custom labelOptionalThis is the text you want to have displayed on the link.
If blank it will default to the name of the target object
objectidThe id of the object to link to

Links can still be created by clicking. When creating links this way, the custom label will be left blank so the target object name will be used by default. This functionality works the same as the previous syntax.


@[](abcdefjhij)New syntax without specifying labelThe target object name will appear as a clickable link
@[My Custom Label](abcdefjhij)New syntax specifying labelThe text My Custom Label will appear as a clickable link
$[abcdefghij]Legacy syntax, deprecatedThe target object name will appear as a clickable link

Links to unshared objects

When the target object is not shared and a custom label is specified, the user will see the custom label in blue, indicating the object isn’t shared. If there is no custom label defined then they will see the text Unknown reference.