Why isn’t my subscription active after signing up on Patreon?


Firstly, check that you have linked the accounts together with the steps on the here.

I subscribed through Patreon, linked the account in the Notebook but it is not showing as subscribed

Did you subscribe on or near the 1st of the month? Due to Patreon renewing subscriptions within the first couple of days of the start of each month, payments initiated at that time get added to a queue to be processed. If you subscribe during this time, your payment may take few hours to be fully processed (despite it showing as active in Patreon). Once the payment is complete, the integration will update and the Notebook will be able to validate your subscription automatically. This should resolve itself after a few hours but we may be able to manually mark the subscription as active if you need it quicker, please contact [email protected] or find us on discord for assistance (Note: The Goblin is UK based so may be sleeping when you are awake!).

If you subscribed after the first few days of the month, have waited for more than 24 hours since subscribing, or have any other problems with activating subscriptions in the Notebook, please contact [email protected] or through discord.