Hosting images on Discord

  Markdown Image Hosting

Using your own server (or one you are free to put a bunch of images)

  1. Use a channel that you are free to add images to without being annoying to other users, the best way is to create a new channel just for your images and set it to private so no-one else can see it.
  2. Continue with Uploading images below

Using a DM group (if you don’t have or don’t want to use a server channel)

  1. Create a new DM group from the + button in the home tab
  1. Don’t invite anyone else to the group
  2. You get a message group named ‘Unnamed’ where you can post and no-one else can see it
  1. Continue with Uploading images below

Uploading images

  1. In a channel or chat that you want to put your images, drag your image in or click the + to upload a file
  1. Press enter to post the image
  1. The image will be uploaded
  2. Once complete, it will show as an image in the chat, right-click this image and select ‘Copy link’

You can now paste this into the notebook as your image address.