Update 19th July 2021

  • Fixes
    • Fixed a bug causing an error when renaming objects with empty notes field
  • Accessibility
    • Changed connection colour from green to blue to be more colour-blind accessible
  • Features and Usability
    • Added ‘friendly npc’, ‘neutral npc’, ‘hostile npc’ and ‘beast’ creature types, ‘non-player character’ renamed to ‘other’
    • Added ‘food / drink / consumable’ thing type
    • Added types to organisations with values of government, faith, education, military, mercenary, criminal, artisan, other
    • Changes to the ‘filter to connections’ functionality
      • Moved the button out of the object menu to alongside the text filter icon
      • The filter now toggles on/off
      • The filter remains set when changing object and re-filters to the new selection
    • Styling changes to the filter buttons so they are consistent in look and behaviour
    • Added background colouring to connections in lists so they stand out more
    • The user is now warned when trying to navigate away from the notebook while editing notes
    • Increased the maximum length of campaign and chapter names